high frequency transformer temperature is too high common 9 countermeasures

To reduce the high-frequency transformer work fever and temperature rise, we are familiar with the commonly used methods are:

1. Select the appropriate core, the shape of the skeleton type, to EER35-42 and EE40 two kinds of shaped structure of the magnetic material, for example, both available power is similar, but in the same output power, because EER35-42 regardless of line The heat exchange surface of the package or ferrite is greater than the EE40, so the temperature rise at work is significantly lower than the EE40.

2. Select the high-performance low-loss high-frequency ferrite core material, a reasonable selection of the core in the corresponding operating frequency Fs under the magnetic swing ΔB.

3. Reasonable selection of winding wire current density J by high frequency transformer manufacturers , of course, not only the DC current density, more importantly, its AC current density.

4. Wiring wire type of reasonable selection, such as multi-strand parallel, Ritz line, copper foil, etc., than the same cross-sectional area of ​​a single enameled wire has a lower high-frequency AC impedance.

5. Coil winding structure improvement and effective control of distributed parameters, there are two-line parallel winding (enhanced mutual inductance), interlayer "Z" type around the law (to reduce the inter-layer pressure difference), segmented around (to reduce the distribution of capacitance , Reduce the AC impedance), P / S "sandwich" cross transposition (to reduce the leakage inductance), P / S multi-slot cross transposition and so on.

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