Transformer leakage inductance should be the primary coil generated by the magnetic field lines can not all through the secondary coil will miss a part, so the leakage of magnetic inductance known as leakage inductance.

The general leakage of the problem with the winding line of the law, the thickness of the interlayer insulation, winding width and many other factors. General measures to reduce leakage are:

1 Each set of windings must be tightened and distributed evenly

2 leads to the place to be quite satisfactory, as far as possible at right angles, close to the skeleton wall

3 can not be full of a layer of the average to cover a layer full

4 insulation layer to minimize, to meet the pressure requirements and can be

Any transformer there is leakage inductance, but the leakage inductance of the switching transformer on the switching power supply performance indicators is particularly important. Due to the existence of switching transformer leakage inductance, when the control switch off the moment will produce back electromotive force, easy to switch the device over-voltage breakdown; leakage inductance can also be distributed in the circuit capacitance and transformer coil distributed capacitor composed of oscillation circuit, The circuit generates oscillations and radiates radiated energy, causing electromagnetic interference.