rogowski coils (Rockwell coil), also known as current measurement coil, differential current sensor, is a uniform winding in the non-ferromagnetic material on the ring coil. The output signal is a derivative of the current versus time. Through a voltage signal on the output of the integrated circuit, you can really restore the input current.

Structure description: no ferromagnetic material, no hysteresis effect, almost zero phase error; magnetic saturation image, which can range from a few amps to hundreds of thousands of current; simple structure, and the measured current There is no direct circuit contact; response frequency bandwidth 0.1Hz-1MHz. Compared with the traditional transformer with iron core, the Rockwell coil has a wide measuring range, high precision, stable and reliable, the response frequency bandwidth, at the same time with measurement and relay protection, small size, light weight, safe and meet environmental requirements.

Based on the Rockwell coil of rogowski coils suppliers with real-time measurement of current, fast response, not saturated, almost no phase error characteristics, it can be applied to relay protection, SCR rectifier, frequency control, resistance welding signal serious distortion Of the occasion.

Electrical parameters:

Input: 5A ~ 100KA

Output: 0 ~ 20mA 0 ~ 5V 0 ~ 10V (customer-defined)

Level: 0.5 ~ 1%

Frequency: 0 ~ 3MHZ

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