Inductor and magnetic beads should be said to be two brothers, many people have always thought that they are "through resistance", it is easy to mix together. Is the so-called: a mother of nine children, nine different children. In fact, there are very different inductor and magnetic beads.
common mode inductor
The unit is to enjoy the choke coils , the model is also used to name the inductance; magnetic beads in Europe, the general models are 100MHz bead when the resistance is named, it is important to note here is the resistance value, and Not the equivalent reactance.

Magnetic beads itself is theoretically energy-consuming components, inductor from common mode choke manufacturers is not theoretically energy-consuming. This is the theoretical difference between the two types of components. The magnetic material is not enclosed, the typical structure is a magnetic bar, magnetic lines of force through the magnetic material (magnetic bar), there is a part in the air; and magnetic beads are closed, the typical structure is the magnetic ring, Almost all magnetic lines are in the magnetic ring, will not be distributed to the air. Magnetic field strength in the magnetic field is constantly changing, in the magnetic induction in the current, the use of high hysteresis coefficient and low resistivity of the magnetic material will be able to convert these high-frequency energy into heat, and then consumed. While the inductor is the opposite, to choose a low hysteresis coefficient and high resistivity of the magnetic material, as far as possible to make the inductor in the entire band showed consistent inductance. Therefore, the structure and the difference between the magnetic material determines the magnetic beads and inductance of the essential differences.

Inductors are mainly used in switching power supplies and resonant, impedance matching and special filtering and other occasions, and magnetic beads are mainly used to prevent radiation, the improvement of EMC is far superior to the inductor.

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