The most common use of this simple electronic component is in a radio circuit. inductors also referred to as chokes or coils, are able to generate frequencies and lessen interference or noise. They are also used in some other types of electric circuit to moderate the flow of electricity. The performance of inductors can vary depending on the way they are built. The material where the wire is wrapped around can affect inductance so as the number of loops and the size of the loop.

Inductors can be classified into different types namely the air core inductor, the ferromagnetic core inductor, and the variable inductor chokes . The way they are differentiated is based on the materials used to build them most specifically the material where the wire is wrapped around. Each of them is used in various applications too. Each general type is also categorized into different subtypes according to their uses. Some of the most popular ones are the laminated core inductor, spiderweb coil inductor, and torroidal core inductor.

The true importance of inductors may not be realised if they are not in use with other electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, and the like. They generally complement the other components in creating a more efficient electronic circuit. Since they are one of the simplest electronic components ever discovered, they are sold cheap. They are also made available in almost all electronic shops all over the globe. Depending on your needs or specifications, you can even use a DIY inductor as long as you know how to make one and measure its properties accurately.

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